Flower Girl Inspiration

Don’t get me wrong I think that any little girl tottering up the aisle ahead of the bride looks absoloutely gorgeous but all too often they are dressed up as mini-me’s of the bride, with half a can of hairspray forcing their baby hair to stay put in an intricate updo (see My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding for the most dire examples!) and so I thought I’d share a little bit of flower girl inspiration with you today of how I love flowergirls to be…

How sweet is this bridesmaid with loose natural hairstyle and a ring of pretty flowers? Loving the play pearls as well – I know all of the little girls I know would love those!

Seriously cute ruffled summer dress with pops of colour from the pink cardigan (and practical too) and the cute blue nail varnish 🙂

Although not the most practical style of dress this little flowergirl looks like an angel toddling down the aisle in her tutu – loving the lack of hairstyling and the addition of the huge flower accessory 🙂

Because sneakers are always more comfortable than ‘proper shoes’…

And a couple of pretty summer party dresses from Next – showing that sometimes the sweetest thing is also the simplest…

Images from: (top two) – stylemepretty.com, Wedding Bee, Manolo Brides and Next…



Favours – Edible favour ideas

Favours aren’t a necessity at a wedding, and I have been to a fair few where the standard bags of sugared almonds have been left on the tables. However I think that if you provide your guests with something they would actually like to eat (does anyone even like sugared almonds?) then your chances of them being taken home increase tenfold. I would love to be a guest at a wedding where we were given any of these:

Oh wow bloody wow! Mini gumball machines – these are such a cute idea!

Brown paper bags filled with fruit – would make a lovely decorative feature on the tables too – double duty at a rustic wedding 🙂

Candy apples! These remind me of bonfire nights, cold winter evenings and being a kid wearing stripy scarves and tights!

Lots of people have sweety buffets – these double up as perfect favours if you put out some paper candy bags.


My personal favourite: Jam! I love jam – on toast, with scones, sometimes sneakily by itself with a little dip of the finger *shush gross habit* and would probably steal other peoples little pots of jam if I were a guest at this do 🙂


images via: stylemepretty, la belle bride, amy atlas events.

High Street Bridesmaids – White

Well a lot of the people I know are quite fond of sticking their noses in where they are not welcome, a prime example of this is when I mentioned vaguely some time ago the idea of having white bridesmaid dresses – this statement was met with an expression of pure horror by my mum’s friends – “You can’t have bridesmaids in white!”. And that seemed to be the popular opinion until the 29th May when Prince William and Kate got married and the maid of honour, Pippa Middleton wore a gorgeous full length white dress – ‘Booyah’ I thought, and then got to work sourcing some fantastic white high street bridesmaid dresses to share with you…

This gorgeous bandeau dress is just £44 from River Island – I love the drape detail and the fitted silhouette.

This lace detailed angel sleeve dress is from Next and is priced at just £38 – this would be perfect for a summer wedding with loose flowers and boho plaits.

And this is one for the little girls in your bridal party – the broderie detail is charming and the price is not budget busting at £30

This image from Stylemepretty shows just how gorgeous a pretty row of bridesmaids in white can be!


Paper Love

As you know I’m a little bit obsessed with pretty paper goods and can spend hours at the PC browsing wedding stationary designer’s portfolios and blogs. Here are a few of my recent favourite finds. (all images from stylemepretty.com)…




The unusual colour scheme of the suite above is endearing – the bookmark is another extra touch…


Gorgeous invitation suite by papermade – love the way it is photographed too – really shows off the design to its best advantage. How cute is the little padlock image on the bottom of the invite?


These would make a great favour for guests – the matchboxes would look great paired with some mini sparklers.

So many great inspirational images on the stylemepretty.com website – go check them out!


Monday Morning Coffee Break

I must be in a bit of a philosophical mood this morning…It’s first thing Monday morning (well not exactly first thing as before this I have changed and fed lily, tweeted, checked out the Rock and Roll Bride’s party report and sent my dad a link to the new Vivienne Westwood shoe range as a BIG hint for christmas!) and I am enjoying a coffee break (its a very weak latte with two sugars btw).

It may seem a bit strange that I am blogging about my coffee but this early morning coffee break is something that really effects the whole day I have ahead of me – for example at the moment I’m sitting in a little coffee shop and art gallery near Tower Bridge typing and looking out at the sunshine, Lily is chilling out playing with some stacking cups, and the waiter gave us free biscuits so this coffee break makes me feel ready for the day and puts me in a great mood for the day ahead 🙂

Rewind to this time last week and I was at home with a teething, temperamental baby who screamed every time I put her down, my coffee was too strong and it was cold by the time I got to drink it – so of course I spent most of the rest of that day feeling pretty down and that fifteen minutes affected my whole day!

So why, you ask, is a post about coffee breaks being featured on a bridal blog? Well I meet so many brides who don’t make time for a coffee break and that is really not good. Planning a wedding is so stressful, there is so much that seems to get heaped up on your shoulders when you have a million decisions to make and a list as long as your arm of tasks that still need to be finished. And so I think that everyone should understand the importance of the coffee break.

Before we were engaged and had Lily, me and Mr I spent a lot of our time relaxing, talking and just enjoying each other’s company in a coffee shop. Sometimes we would have books with us to read, or we’d share a slab of cake, othertimes it’d be a quick pitstop in starbucks whilst perusing our way around Oxford Street. Sometimes it wouldn’t even be a break for coffee, just a break, sitting in the park enjoying the sun, talking and laughing and taking photos. The point is that daily life sometimes gets in the way of living – and a break is a chance to reconnect with your partner or just with yourself.

And so the coffee break is of great importance – try making the time to sit down and take a break at least once a week, enjoy a leisurely walk, sip a latte, share some cake, read a book… whatever you do for your coffee break make the most of just relaxing. It really does make a hell of a difference 🙂


Planning – the BIG decisions :-)

There are a few BIG decisions that will have a profound effect on your whole wedding – it is important to make your minds up about these before you book things or start spreading the good news.

One of the biggest ones is a combination of your overall wedding ‘vision’, as well as the time of year (and thus length of engagement), feel of wedding (formal/non-traditional/relaxed?) and so much more. For example, when you picture your wedding what do you see: a cool, refreshing summer’s day with strawberries and cream, bunting and the palest of pink peonies? Or do your dreams centre more along the lines of roaring log fires, deep red roses and sparkly icicles? Clearly setting the date is one of the first BIG decisions that you need to make. The season you choose to get married in will not only have an effect on the style of your wedding say but also on the budget and what is available. Summer (the months of June, July and August) are the most popular times of year to get married and as such many venues are able to have higher summer prices, some venues even get booked up years in advance for these popular dates! You may find that you have to be willing to be flexible to get your dream venue on your realistic budget.

The venue will have just as much of an effect on the overall feel of your wedding (and more of an effect on your wedding budget) as the season. When it comes to finding a venue don’t taunt yourself by visiting places that you know are going to be over your budget, instead focus on exploring all the possibilities within your budget – you may be surprised at what you find. If you have a low budget look into local halls (many churches and villages have lovely halls), restaurants and interesting buildings (such as a victorian school building or warehouse space) – some of these can look fantastic with very little effort on your behalf.

The venue may also have an effect on what type of ceremony you have. For example you may want a religious ceremony in a church, chapel or synagogue or prefer a civil wedding ceremony or a ceremony outside. If your venue does not have one of these options on site then you have to consider the fact that guests will need transportation between the two venues. Also if the venue you choose is far away from where many of your friends and family live then think about the fact that you and your guests will need to pay for overnight accomodation which can be very pricey.

Another BIG decision is your guest list and this will ultimately effect every aspect of your wedding. When in this intermediate stage you don’t need to have a finalised guest list but by working out a rough number of family and friends you want to invite you can work out the implications on your other choices. For example you may want to have a sit down meal at your local hotel but if their function room only fits 80 people you aren’t going to be able to have those 200 people on your guest list. Or you may have decided on a gorgeous venue where the price per head for the meal is £35.00 – this is fine if you have a budget of £3,500 and 100 guests but what if your catering budget is half of that?  Mr.I and I decided that we would rather have less guests and a better wedding than try to accomodate hundreds of guests and have to serve substandard food or scrimp on our other priorities. Some people have weddings with less than 30 people, others decided that it is important to them to have 300, whatever you decide you need to be realistic and stick to it!

Once you have made the big decisions you can get down to the fun part – to be honest its these big decisions that can prove extra stressful, particularly when you have family members ‘helpfully’ giving their opinions and subtle reminders that you ‘really should invite great uncle gregg’s cousin twice removed’ – just remember that it is YOUR wedding and you should have the wedding of your dreams whether or not it is what other people want!


Rock and Roll Bride party!

I was lucky enough to get one of the 200 tickets for the ‘Rock and Roll Bride party’ aka ‘Party of the Year!’, and I mean LUCKY as there were over 500 people applying for the tickets!

Now for those of you who don’t know who Kat of Rock and Roll Bride is (those of you who have been living under a rock in the dessert perhaps?) she is the amazing pink haired *well rainbow haired for the party* alternative wedding blogger – the byline for her blog says it all ‘Your Big Day, the Rock and Roll Way’ and boy is she one hell of a party hostess!

This is Kat and she is fantastic 🙂 (Picture borrowed from the Rock and Roll Bride site and taken by Jayne of Sacco and Sacco Photography)^^)

So on the 14th April I ironed my jeans – you know its something special when I willingly do the ironing! – put on some cute red vintage pumps and a navy blazer, packed up my masquerade ball mask (more on that later) and headed off to Graphic Bar in London’s Golden Square. I have to admit that I was sooo nervous to finally meet Kat – she is such an inspiration to me on a daily basis and it’s always a little intimidating to meet someone you admire online in the flesh!

I arrived at the bar at 6:45 after getting lost and chatted up by some builders working nearby – go me! Was still super nervous which was not helped by big baldy bouncer who couldn’t find my name on his list, I practically snatched his clipboard off of him and found it myself oops :-s 

The first person I saw as I stepped through the door and headed towards the bar was none other than Kat herself who was even more amazing in real life – she gave me a big hug, allowed me to admire her gorgeous Fur Coat No Knickers dress and we had a little chat before I wandered off to get myself a Rock and Roll Bride paint tin cocktail! I think even if I had needed to leave right then I would have gone home a very happy bunny 🙂 but of course I didn’t have to leave and so I got stuck in meeting so many great new people – from photographers and bloggers to the likes of make up artist Elbie who styles Kat’s makeup and is a real Rock and Roll Bride herself *her wedding is stunning* and she was very sweet.

A few gin based cocktails later and I was posing in the photobooth (with my red sparkly masquerade balll mask of course) with two of the other guests and heading over to check out the out of this world cupcakes by Restoration Cake and eventually set the ball rolling by being the first guest to take one out of the display – I chose the red velvet cake and have literally never tasted anything like it – I could easily sit here and eat them for dinner, followed by the peanut butter ones for dessert!

I was having so much fun that I didn’t even think to take any photographs *bad alex* but there will be plenty on the Rock and Roll Bride site tomorrow so do check in 🙂

Highlights of the night:

  • Fashion = Annabel of Love My Dress Blog looked ah-mazing in a custom made dress by Dana Bolton, she was simply stunning!
  • People = It’s strange to meet so many people who you stalk follow online but my favourite meets of the night were (aside from Kat!) were Sassy of Assassynation who will hopefully be our wedding photographer (she is great!), Alice of Alice in Weddingland fame (the RandR Bride Intern) and Joanne Fleming who is a fantastic Brighton based dress maker and is also wonderful!
  • Photobooth – Just watching other people posing was enough entertainment in itself – some hilarious pictures…

The event was a great chance to meet so many wonderful people from the wedding industry as well as plenty of brides to be like myself , the room was buzzing with wonderful creative people and I can’t wait for the next one, which will be bigger and better I’m sure! Thanks Kat 🙂


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