Dress Shopping

Hiya! So yesterday was quite an eventful day as I went dress shopping… not just any old dress shopping but WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING! I visited Leonie Claire Bridal in Brighton, East Sussex with my mum and dad (Mr. P.S had to sit in the car!). I was sooo nervous as my only other experience dress shopping was not a greatly positive one!

Hanna at Leonie Claire made me feel so at ease, she was really chirpy and friendly and talked us through all of the options for our budget, what designers they stocked and the different fabrics etc. Then I was left to pick out a few dresses to try on – I opted for a few very different styles including one that I have seen floating about on the internet by Justin Alexander.

I couldn’t take any pictures, and to be frank in some of the dresses I was glad that I couldn’t take any pictures as I looked awful! Im a curvy size 12-14 after having my little girl in 2010 and some of the dresses just looked awful on me… in fact at one point even my dad said I looked terrible! But anyway the one reason I am sad I couldn’t take any photos is when I tried on the Justin Alexander dress I had seen online because I. LOVED. IT!

I think I always knew when looking at it online that I would love it, so I shouldn’t have been so surprised when I put it on that it felt amazing! Unfortunately this particular dress after the V.A.T increase (and before it!) is completely 100% out of my budget! I have a budget of £500 for my dress and shoes, and this beauty is now retailing at £1030! Clearly I have a shortfall 😦

So here I am, searching through websites such as preloved and rock my dress – undress, to find my dream dress secondhand – even if our budget wasn’t so limited I’m not sure I could justify spending a grand on a dress… oh but I do love it!



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