Our first Real Wedding – The Good Life

I am so excited to be featuring the beautiful real wedding of Gwen and Tim today. This traditional and elegant wedding was submitted by the bride, who wrote to us with her wedding day story and all the planning involved in their big day, enjoy…

Tim proposed to Gwen whilst away with friends in the Lakes, despite having planned a completely different proposal. “We ventured into a Roman Fort and he decided that the moment was just right and began the proposal speech he had, apparently, been preparing for months” Clearly gwen is a chatterbox like me as poor Tim actually had to ask her to shut up for once so he could propose!

You won’t believe it when you read this but Gwen’s beautiful, intricately beaded dress came from a wholesale website in China! I’ve always been a bit dubious about ordering a wedding dress from those kind of sites but luckily for Gwen her dress was not only beautiful and a perfect fit it came to less than £250 including the bolero cover up she wore! It was only after visiting two wedding dress shops and finding that despite two very different experiences with the shops themselves that nothing really stood out and gave Gwen a special feeling.

Tim and Gwen’s chosen venue was The Lion Hotel and Pub in Belper, near Derby. The couple decided on a ‘pub’ wedding as they wanted a venue that suited them and their personalities – what better reason to make a big wedding related decision? Being practical people they had considered a DIY wedding reception in a hall however decided against that option because of all the hard work involved (trust me they are right as that is what we oursleves are planning!).

Gwen says “walking up there at dusk and seeing the church for the first time was a magical experience and we knew it was the one” and so their church ceremony was held at St.Wilfrids in West Hallam.

Gwen’s wedding day look was finished off with bargainous shoes from ebay (£8.50!), her christening bracelet and a beautiful sentimental touch with her hair accessories. Shortly before the death of Gwen’s nana when she was 15, Gwen was passed down the floral headdress that her Nana had worn at her own wedding, with the idea that Gwen could wear it when she got married. Of course the headress was quite old fashioned and hadn’t survived the test of time very well so Gwen’s sister came to the rescue. Armed with some ivory flower clips she attached the leaves from their nana’s headress to the clips and created the bride’s ‘something old’. “I was thrilled to wear them on the day”… This actually made me well up, what a beautiful touch. 


“If there’s one thing about my husband and me,” Gwen explains, “its that we tend not to take ourselves too seriously, particularly as a couple, and we are always daft and silly together and spend lots of time just laughing and giggling. For their table names some couples choose famous romantic couples from literature… for example ‘Danny and Sandy’ etc… we thought we would put a twist on it and have our tables named after those daft couples who are always bickering and yet stay together against all odds” And so their tables were named after such couples as Jack and Vera (coronation street), Tom and Barbara (The good life) and Homer and Marge (the Simpsons).

Hoping for a ‘Good Life’  Tim and Gwen sat together on the ‘Tom and Barbara’ table, however ‘The Good life’ fast became a theme of their day. “We are renowned amongst our friends for growing produce in our garden and making chutneys and rhubarb gin and passing them off to people at christmas… my husband had the fantastic idea of making mini jars of chutney for people’s favours… For our tablecentres we used potted heather plants which we then gave away to the mums, sisters and grandmas”

Gwen’s only bridesmaid was her niece who wore a dress picked out from Coast. “When she put it on we all had that ‘one’ moment that I hadn’t had when choosing my dress! She looked gorgeous, the pleating at the top of the dress complemented mine and the muted colour and silvery touches went with my dress, the purple-ish colour then set the colour scheme for the rest of the day. The men’s suits were from Debenhams and despite a few mishaps (my mum and I didn’t like the original choice of striped trousers so had them changed for plain black) the team at Debenhams were very helpful.”

“I have always loved roses and knew that I wanted some. I also knew that I wanted to capture a bit of the autumnal season and avoid anything too neat, but something that looked like it had been picked out of a garden. I did a little bit of research and went to see my florist armed with vague ideas and a few downloaded pictures. I took my Bridesmaid dress along and used words like ‘Vintage’ and ‘Rustic’ and ‘Fairy’ and she got what I wanted immediately. She was so passionate about my vision… encouraging me to add in bits from the garden such as rosemary,  japanese honeysuckle, Catkins, Smokebush and amnesia roses from my parent’s garden… I absoloutely adored my bouquet it was just so Me”

“We had our perfect day and I was so happy throughout. Most of it went by in a blur and what I remember most was my cheeks hurting from smiling so much! In the run up to the big day I was so nervous, I kept thinking that I couldn’t wait for it to be over, or that I wish we’d eloped. I never, ever thought I would be the type of person to wish that we could do it all over again, but I do!”

What an absoloutely gorgeous wedding, thankyou so much Gwen and Tim for submitting it to us, we wish you all the best for the future,




Photography: Sam Reed photography http://www.samreedphotography.co.uk/


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  1. jo hyatt
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 07:44:21

    I am sister to the bride and sister in law to my new brother, this really sums up the day it was a fantastic day for all involved and Gwen and Tim looked radiant throughout. I wasn’t sure it could be pulled off at such short notice but they did it. This is a lovely idea and i look forward to reading more wedding day tales in the future.


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