Supplier Spotlight: Peggy Porschen

Ok so there are cakes and then there are CAKES… I am in love with Peggy Porschen’s cake, miniature cake and cookie designs – but definately not in love with the price tag!

I recently got given a copy of ‘Peggy Porschen’s romantic cakes’ which covers some of her gorgeous designs. I’m going to try out some baking and see what happens -although somehow I can’t see mine turning out anywhere near as good as hers! Even the cookies look like works of art!

My favourite is the one on the top left – however the price tag of around £800 is ridiculously expensive! All of the images above are from the book so if you fancy trying to make any of them get yourself a copy and do tell me how it went!

If you have the budget you can even take cake decorating courses in peggy’s studio – they are priced at around £900 for the intensive course so not for the faint hearted (or low budgeted) but you go get to take home some lovely decorated cakes or cookies 🙂



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