An obsession revealed…

Ok so about a billion teenage girls are obsessed with r-patz, almost everybody is obsessed with money, there are plenty of people obesessed with the video game consoles, and a lot of people obsessed with shopping, hundreds and thousands obsessed with their pets, and a hell of a lot more obsessed with sex… but me… my obsession is a little more unusual – it’s with paper.

Yes you read that right – P.A.P.E.R – but not just any old paper, I mean beautiful, pretty, unusual, fun, patterned, colourful paper. My little obsession, I think, began when I started school. I remember the excitement when, just before the start of my first ever school term (and every one after that), my mum took me shopping for school supplies. The endless choice of notepads, pens and pencils, pretty cases and metal tins, mini post-it notes in novelty shapes, folders and ringbinders didn’t overwhelm me as it very well could have – it thrilled me! And ever since my obsession with the stuff has just grown…

Right now there are four gorgeous notepads sitting on my desk in front of me, alongside a mini ringbinder with a VW campervan on the front, my leatherbound filofax, a cute calendar and a stack of post-its in heart and star shapes. P.s it is completely necessary to have all of this on my desk – although Scott doesn’t seem to feel the  same way, ‘bloody notebooks’ he says when trying to find a scrap of paper he left on the desk and which has been covered with my things. ‘Bloody scraps of paper’ I think…

And it’s not just school   ‘office’ supplies – it’s pretty cards, envelopes with patterned liners, calligraphed notes, letterpressed invitations, scrapbooks and EVERYTHING made out of that wonderful, versatile substance that is paper!

And so it has been for years now, I can’t walk past paperchase without popping in, I don’t need an excuse to go into WH Smiths everytime I am at my local shopping centre, I find myself making up projects just to visit hobbycraft, and then I found this, and I nearly cried:

And so now I have realised that I’m not the only one out there with this strange obsession, and now I have a daily does of eyecandy when I open up the PC in the mornings, and I am happy. Who cares that we havn’t booked our wedding venue yet? Obviously I need to get started on the stationary for our own wedding… Enjoy… and hands off my notebooks!


image: 9spotmonk via ohsobeautifulpaper

Image: Rob Ryan via ohsobeautifulpaper


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