Bridesmaid Dresses on the highstreet

I had a look at some bridesmaid dresses in various shops over the weekend and I was shocked at how much they cost! Out of about a hundred designs that I spotted I only actually liked about five of them, at least two of which my bridesmaid’s would have vetoed straight away, and only two of the dresses I saw were less than one hundred and fifty pounds!  So obviously not all of us can spend upwards of a hundred pounds on a dress for each of our chosen bridesmaids – let alone on a dress they would hate to wear!

However much we would love to really treat our favourite girls (and of course they’re our favourite girls that’s why they’re bridesmaids) to ultra luxe, super-glam dresses that they will cherish forever it can be a real budget breaker to do so. It’s not so bad if you’ve only got one bridesmaid – maybe then its a reasonable splurge but if, like me you have a substantial amount of special girls then to do so would be very very pricey!

And so, we look to the highstreet – and why not? Where do most of us go to get the perfect dress? A dress fit for a friend’s wedding? A dress just perfect to dance the night away in on New Years Eve? THAT sexy-date night dress? Well the high street of course. And so it is the highstreet that can be the perfect place to find a dream bridesmaid dress with the right budget.

I’ll be doing a regular round up of the cutest/sexiest/partiest/funnest/most suitable bridesmaid dresses from the high street to help guide you and give you inspiration, and maybe I’ll even find something to satisfy my own bridesmaids along the way – wish me luck!





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