Shoes glorious shoes!


When I dream of my wedding there is one feature that is always the same – no matter whether the dream wedding is on a beach in Cyprus, a village hall in the countryside or a glam hotel in the city I am always ALWAYS wearing Christian Louboutin shoes. Something tells me this is not going to happen in my real wedding (I don’t have upwards of £500 to spend on shoes unfortunately!) but I love waking up feeling like i’ve just got married wearing a pair of gorgeous shoes!

I love a bit of sparkle and these shoes do it for me everytime! I actually tried some of these on in Selfridges just after christmas and fell in love… with the shoe but not the £2000 price tag that came with these particular beauties!

I also absoloutely adored these shoes – at £1090 they are cheaper than the ones above but still crazy priced! I love the way they sparkle and look all different colours in the light – although I think if i was wearing them EVERY single picture of me on our wedding day would have me pulling up my dress to show them off… or maybe in a mini dress?!

These gorgeous shoes are only *cough-cough* £550 which is a good price for a pair of Louboutins. However they aren’t as glam as the others and with these being white I can’t see them being worn again and again and becoming a real investment piece. Theres just something about the bright red soles that strikes deep in my heart – the moment I put a pair of these shoes on I feel like the queen, as though somebody should walk in front of me with a red carpet so my glorious shoes never have to touch the dirty floor! Haha! I said to Scott once that I would feel successful in life when I had three things: My own office, A Mulberry handbag and a pair of Louboutins – one out of three wouldn’t be bad I guess 🙂

Something tells me i’ll probably end up wearing something along the lines of those above on my wedding day if i’m honest with myself! Me and high heels (although I love them) do tend to fall out after half an hour or so and I think I could really rock the bridal converse look!

So please do feel free to send me a pair of Louboutins if you’re feeling charitable – or submerge my fiance’s inbox with emails of how amazing it would be if he bought me some for our wedding day – he probably won’t appreciate it but you never know, it might just work!



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  1. CultureChoc2010
    Mar 09, 2011 @ 23:23:34

    I love Louboutins! Can’t afford them though – one day…..


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