Planning – Budget

Hiya! What a week I have been having – feel like I havn’t stopped to take a breather but it’s been great fun. Mr.PS has had the week off of work so we’ve been having a great time making the most of his limited time off – lots of trips to the park for Lily-Rose (to make the most of her new found walking skill!), lots of cuddly slumbery afternoons and reading side by side whilst Lily naps 🙂 Anyway todays post is all about Getting Started with your wedding planning.

The first step is always BUDGET! Unfortunately this is the biggest, most fundamental building block of your wedding planning. Its just no good to taunt yourself with images of a luxurious gold plated affair when your wages just about cover the rent.

The best way to organise your budget is to sit down and work out your income and outgoings per month – and this doesn’t just mean the bare bones of rent/mortgage and bills this is EVERYTHING – from your monthly gym membership right down to your penchant for bringing home new shoes on payday. For some people, including us, doing this gave us quite a wake-up call as to how we were spending our money and where we needed to make changes. So even if you’re not planning a wedding doing this is a really good idea (although it isn’t very fun!)

When we had done this we worked out that we could realistically save just £100 a month – not a great deal of money, but this amount is without cutting back too drastically on our lifestyle. We didn’t want to sacrifice our regular cinema dates, stop buying clothes or treating our daughter to days out at the Zoo. There is so much more to life than a wedding and if you put too much pressure on yourselves for the sake of the budget you won’t be enjoying the planning process at all!

Some people are lucky enough to have parental contributions to their wedding. If that is the case then you need to sit down now with your parents or future in-laws and work out exactly how much they will be contributing as this will factor in to your final budget. It always helps to keep communication very clear with regards to money to avoid people getting upset or falling out. My dad has set up a direct debit into our account every month – he told us what he could afford to give us each month and told us to ‘do what we want with it’ which is great as unfortunately some people who contribute to a wedding feel that as they are making a monetary contribution they have the right to make decisions regarding your wedding. My dad isn’t interested in that which make accepting his generous gift a happy experience rather than a stressful one.

Spreadsheets like those on Microsoft Excel are always useful to keep a track of your money and budget – but remember they will only work if you are honest with yourself and add each expenditure made – big and small!

Some people decide to take on second jobs so that they can add more money to their wedding budget – this is great if you have the time, but PLEASE please please don’t pressurize yourself – if you’re struggling to find time together as you’re both so busy working hard then you have your priorities wrong. At the end of the day a wedding is about the two of you as a couple and if you aren’t spending any quality time together then you aren’t going to be much of a couple at the end of the planning process!

I am a stay at home mummy and scott works full time with horrible shifts so we didn’t want to put any pressure on our time by me taking on a job – instead i’m doing my bit towards the wedding by cutting back on the spending. For example for the past two years since we got engaged I have spent around £20-25 a month on wedding magasines (i know its crazy!) and so my way of cutting down on spending is to stop buying them! Its not like I even need them when there are so many amazing wedding blogs for free out there! So that is £240-£300 saved a year  that is big bucks!

We have decided to keep the wedding budget realistic – we don’t want to wait a hundred years to get married but neither do we want to get into debt for the sake of one day. So we have set our budget at £4000 which, hopefully we will manage to save by August 2013.

So take a couple of hours out of your busy day to site down and work out a budget with all those involved in your wedding – once you have your budget start doing your research, and most of all, enjoy planning 🙂



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