Planning – Prioritise

There are so many individual aspects that go into creating a wedding. From big vendors and suppliers such as the Venue, Caterers or Photographers to those all-important little details such as table settings and save-the-date cards. Once you have worked out your budget you need to prioritise what you want from your big day. Unless you have a large budget you may find that you need to cut back in some areas in order to have what you want in others and that is where your basic priorities come into play. When Mr.I and I sat down and discussed our individual wedding day wishes we were lucky that our priorities matched, this is what we had, in order of importance (for us):

1. Venue

2. Catering

3. Photography

4. Stationary and the little details

5. The bridal party

Below these fell items such as entertainment, numbers of guests, flowers, and the lowest on our list: alcohol! This list made it easy for us to choose which things we would spend the larger chunks of our (small) budget on. However every couple will have their individual priorities and this is where communication is key – don’t worry if you have to spend hours talking over the fact that one of you thinks the whole bridal party should be in designer outfits or if the other thinks a top DJ is more important – this is your wedding and the planning is just one way to learn that compromise is a key to a successful marriage!

When you look at wedding magasines they tend to dictate to you what aspects of your wedding should be more important – for example they usually have a ‘budget planner’ and it will list all expenses that traditional weddings generate, and of course they then pressurize you into thinking that if you aren’t spending £600 on your cake then something is wrong with your wedding planning – there’s nothing wrong with it do don’t worry – so what if you don’t like cake? Maybe you’d prefer a tower of Krispy Kremes instead? Don’t worry about what is the ‘norm’ when it comes to the priorities for your wedding – choose what makes you and your future spouse happy!



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