Dear Diary…

Ok so actually finding the time to write a diary or journal can be tiresome so when I came across this idea over on Amy Radcliffe Photography I just couldn’t resist sharing. By the way check out her site – her photos are very sweet :-)… Anyway the idea is that of ’30 days of lists’ which was created to show that everybody can document parts of their lives simply and quickly – making it much easier to keep records of our lives as they are at this moment.

So I figured that I too would start writing my lists, firstly using the prompts on their site, and maybe later on adding a few ‘list titles’ of my own. Maybe when I look back at these entries in a few years i’ll be smiling at how my life has changed, reminiscing about things that I have done, or simply laughing at my taste in ‘celebrity crushes’  – well we shall see!



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