Monday Morning Coffee Break

I must be in a bit of a philosophical mood this morning…It’s first thing Monday morning (well not exactly first thing as before this I have changed and fed lily, tweeted, checked out the Rock and Roll Bride’s party report and sent my dad a link to the new Vivienne Westwood shoe range as a BIG hint for christmas!) and I am enjoying a coffee break (its a very weak latte with two sugars btw).

It may seem a bit strange that I am blogging about my coffee but this early morning coffee break is something that really effects the whole day I have ahead of me – for example at the moment I’m sitting in a little coffee shop and art gallery near Tower Bridge typing and looking out at the sunshine, Lily is chilling out playing with some stacking cups, and the waiter gave us free biscuits so this coffee break makes me feel ready for the day and puts me in a great mood for the day ahead 🙂

Rewind to this time last week and I was at home with a teething, temperamental baby who screamed every time I put her down, my coffee was too strong and it was cold by the time I got to drink it – so of course I spent most of the rest of that day feeling pretty down and that fifteen minutes affected my whole day!

So why, you ask, is a post about coffee breaks being featured on a bridal blog? Well I meet so many brides who don’t make time for a coffee break and that is really not good. Planning a wedding is so stressful, there is so much that seems to get heaped up on your shoulders when you have a million decisions to make and a list as long as your arm of tasks that still need to be finished. And so I think that everyone should understand the importance of the coffee break.

Before we were engaged and had Lily, me and Mr I spent a lot of our time relaxing, talking and just enjoying each other’s company in a coffee shop. Sometimes we would have books with us to read, or we’d share a slab of cake, othertimes it’d be a quick pitstop in starbucks whilst perusing our way around Oxford Street. Sometimes it wouldn’t even be a break for coffee, just a break, sitting in the park enjoying the sun, talking and laughing and taking photos. The point is that daily life sometimes gets in the way of living – and a break is a chance to reconnect with your partner or just with yourself.

And so the coffee break is of great importance – try making the time to sit down and take a break at least once a week, enjoy a leisurely walk, sip a latte, share some cake, read a book… whatever you do for your coffee break make the most of just relaxing. It really does make a hell of a difference 🙂



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