Amazing Invites and a cool E-session!

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was when this beauty of an invitation dropped on my doormat last week  – I think I may have actually squealed 🙂 The gorgeous save-the-date and invitation are DIY-ed by gorgeous bride to be Sam West. Sam and her fiance Chris get married this July and I am sooo excited to see the photos – if their invitations and engagement session are anything to go by the wedding is going to be fantastic!

See I told you they were gorgeous! I couldn’t do the pictures justice with my dodgy photography skills and so these images are all from the uber-talented Zoe Collyer photography – you have to check out her page!

Here is the couple on their engagement shoot which featured a fab laundromat, a record shop and a game of scrabble – now these two are cool!

How great are these photos? I think i’ve fallen head over heels for this couple and the photography!

Thanks to Zoe for letting me feature her photos – don’t forget to check out her website:



London Engagement Shoot – Part Two!

I couldn’t just finish the last post there as there are so many more amazing pictures from the shoot with Ruby Yeo – she is an absoloutely amazing photographer and on the good side of affordable – she has also become a great friend since meeting for our photo shoot 🙂

I love the kind of faded colours in the picture above – adds such a nice softness to the Houses of Parliament and Big ben in the background 🙂

This is what I meant in my last post about us being childish – we couldn’t resist the park – although we did have to get off after a few swings to let some kids have a go!

Hope you like them as much as we do 🙂



London Engagement Shoot

So in the interest of letting the readers see a little bit of my life I am uploading the pictures taken at our engagement shoot last november.

The photos, by Ruby of Ruby Yeo photography, are some of my most treasured pictures ever – we went to the Southbank and Greenwich in London, both of which are favourite spots of ours, and spent a few hours taking pictures and generally having a fun day.

When we were thinking about places to go on our engagement shoot it was easy to decide on two locations. We got engaged at the London Southbank, and have been on many long late night walks up there, and we had our first date in Greenwich and our first kiss there too! We even managed to get a picture of us kissing at the 177 bus stop where we first had a peck (or maybe two!)…

Ruby said that it was important to get across our personalities in the shoot, and she was right, it is the little touches that make the photos special – we incorporated ours by spending time taking photos in our favourite book shop, getting coffees and walking through the park – all of which are things we love to do, plus we are a bit geeky and love to have fun and act childish so we had to show that in the photos 🙂

Unfortunately we weren’t able to take our beautiful little girl Lily out with us on the shoot day, so we made sure to get this snap above as our little homage to her, isn’t she adorable? Ps I couldn’t help but go with hot pink nails *got to be girly sometimes!*


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