Flower Girl Inspiration

Don’t get me wrong I think that any little girl tottering up the aisle ahead of the bride looks absoloutely gorgeous but all too often they are dressed up as mini-me’s of the bride, with half a can of hairspray forcing their baby hair to stay put in an intricate updo (see My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding for the most dire examples!) and so I thought I’d share a little bit of flower girl inspiration with you today of how I love flowergirls to be…

How sweet is this bridesmaid with loose natural hairstyle and a ring of pretty flowers? Loving the play pearls as well – I know all of the little girls I know would love those!

Seriously cute ruffled summer dress with pops of colour from the pink cardigan (and practical too) and the cute blue nail varnish 🙂

Although not the most practical style of dress this little flowergirl looks like an angel toddling down the aisle in her tutu – loving the lack of hairstyling and the addition of the huge flower accessory 🙂

Because sneakers are always more comfortable than ‘proper shoes’…

And a couple of pretty summer party dresses from Next – showing that sometimes the sweetest thing is also the simplest…

Images from: (top two) – stylemepretty.com, Wedding Bee, Manolo Brides and Next…



High Street Bridesmaids – White

Well a lot of the people I know are quite fond of sticking their noses in where they are not welcome, a prime example of this is when I mentioned vaguely some time ago the idea of having white bridesmaid dresses – this statement was met with an expression of pure horror by my mum’s friends – “You can’t have bridesmaids in white!”. And that seemed to be the popular opinion until the 29th May when Prince William and Kate got married and the maid of honour, Pippa Middleton wore a gorgeous full length white dress – ‘Booyah’ I thought, and then got to work sourcing some fantastic white high street bridesmaid dresses to share with you…

This gorgeous bandeau dress is just £44 from River Island – I love the drape detail and the fitted silhouette.

This lace detailed angel sleeve dress is from Next and is priced at just £38 – this would be perfect for a summer wedding with loose flowers and boho plaits.

And this is one for the little girls in your bridal party – the broderie detail is charming and the price is not budget busting at £30

This image from Stylemepretty shows just how gorgeous a pretty row of bridesmaids in white can be!


Spotlight On: Peppermint Pretty

I’m a little bit obsessed with Etsy and am constantly on the site browsing through millions of pages of handmade and vintage goods. I was at the PC again this morning when I came across etsy seller Peppermint Pretty who create custom vintage inspired wedding dresses and I just had to feature their amazing designs. Enjoy the eye-candy 🙂

This gorgeous dress is called Cinderella Rockafella – I love the embroidered details, the cute neckline and the super sweet silhouette!

How adorable is this ‘Dear Prudence’ design? The ruffles and texture are modern but the whole look is timeless, cute and quirky!

My personal favourite : Hello Little Lucy! I want this dress, please, pretty please! I also love the shoes and the amazing top-hat fascinator!

Go check out Peppermint Pretty’s Etsy shop – there are loads more designs on there 🙂


Shoes glorious shoes!


When I dream of my wedding there is one feature that is always the same – no matter whether the dream wedding is on a beach in Cyprus, a village hall in the countryside or a glam hotel in the city I am always ALWAYS wearing Christian Louboutin shoes. Something tells me this is not going to happen in my real wedding (I don’t have upwards of £500 to spend on shoes unfortunately!) but I love waking up feeling like i’ve just got married wearing a pair of gorgeous shoes!

I love a bit of sparkle and these shoes do it for me everytime! I actually tried some of these on in Selfridges just after christmas and fell in love… with the shoe but not the £2000 price tag that came with these particular beauties!

I also absoloutely adored these shoes – at £1090 they are cheaper than the ones above but still crazy priced! I love the way they sparkle and look all different colours in the light – although I think if i was wearing them EVERY single picture of me on our wedding day would have me pulling up my dress to show them off… or maybe in a mini dress?!

These gorgeous shoes are only *cough-cough* £550 which is a good price for a pair of Louboutins. However they aren’t as glam as the others and with these being white I can’t see them being worn again and again and becoming a real investment piece. Theres just something about the bright red soles that strikes deep in my heart – the moment I put a pair of these shoes on I feel like the queen, as though somebody should walk in front of me with a red carpet so my glorious shoes never have to touch the dirty floor! Haha! I said to Scott once that I would feel successful in life when I had three things: My own office, A Mulberry handbag and a pair of Louboutins – one out of three wouldn’t be bad I guess 🙂

Something tells me i’ll probably end up wearing something along the lines of those above on my wedding day if i’m honest with myself! Me and high heels (although I love them) do tend to fall out after half an hour or so and I think I could really rock the bridal converse look!

So please do feel free to send me a pair of Louboutins if you’re feeling charitable – or submerge my fiance’s inbox with emails of how amazing it would be if he bought me some for our wedding day – he probably won’t appreciate it but you never know, it might just work!


Highstreet bridesmaids – Grey

So, according to the latest copy of Glamour magazine that I managed to scrounge off of my mum (I spend all my own money on bridal magazines – I know tut tut!) grey is the new black! Plus its a great starting point for me as my own proposed wedding colours are grey and all shades of pink so here goes…

This simple shift dress is just 29.99 from New Look and could easily be accessorised to show off your maid’s fabulous personalities – I can imagine one of mine teaming this with killer heels and stacks of necklaces and bangles!

I’m a big fan of Next clothes – they always seem to last well (even against the daily onslaught of baby sick!) plus this one is a bargain at forty pounds!

Another gorgeous Next bargain – at forty pounds this one fits the grey colourscheme however has a completely different feel to it – very secretary chic – I love it!

So is grey really the new black?


Bridesmaid Dresses on the highstreet

I had a look at some bridesmaid dresses in various shops over the weekend and I was shocked at how much they cost! Out of about a hundred designs that I spotted I only actually liked about five of them, at least two of which my bridesmaid’s would have vetoed straight away, and only two of the dresses I saw were less than one hundred and fifty pounds!  So obviously not all of us can spend upwards of a hundred pounds on a dress for each of our chosen bridesmaids – let alone on a dress they would hate to wear!

However much we would love to really treat our favourite girls (and of course they’re our favourite girls that’s why they’re bridesmaids) to ultra luxe, super-glam dresses that they will cherish forever it can be a real budget breaker to do so. It’s not so bad if you’ve only got one bridesmaid – maybe then its a reasonable splurge but if, like me you have a substantial amount of special girls then to do so would be very very pricey!

And so, we look to the highstreet – and why not? Where do most of us go to get the perfect dress? A dress fit for a friend’s wedding? A dress just perfect to dance the night away in on New Years Eve? THAT sexy-date night dress? Well the high street of course. And so it is the highstreet that can be the perfect place to find a dream bridesmaid dress with the right budget.

I’ll be doing a regular round up of the cutest/sexiest/partiest/funnest/most suitable bridesmaid dresses from the high street to help guide you and give you inspiration, and maybe I’ll even find something to satisfy my own bridesmaids along the way – wish me luck!




Dress Shopping

Hiya! So yesterday was quite an eventful day as I went dress shopping… not just any old dress shopping but WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING! I visited Leonie Claire Bridal in Brighton, East Sussex with my mum and dad (Mr. P.S had to sit in the car!). I was sooo nervous as my only other experience dress shopping was not a greatly positive one!

Hanna at Leonie Claire made me feel so at ease, she was really chirpy and friendly and talked us through all of the options for our budget, what designers they stocked and the different fabrics etc. Then I was left to pick out a few dresses to try on – I opted for a few very different styles including one that I have seen floating about on the internet by Justin Alexander.

I couldn’t take any pictures, and to be frank in some of the dresses I was glad that I couldn’t take any pictures as I looked awful! Im a curvy size 12-14 after having my little girl in 2010 and some of the dresses just looked awful on me… in fact at one point even my dad said I looked terrible! But anyway the one reason I am sad I couldn’t take any photos is when I tried on the Justin Alexander dress I had seen online because I. LOVED. IT!

I think I always knew when looking at it online that I would love it, so I shouldn’t have been so surprised when I put it on that it felt amazing! Unfortunately this particular dress after the V.A.T increase (and before it!) is completely 100% out of my budget! I have a budget of £500 for my dress and shoes, and this beauty is now retailing at £1030! Clearly I have a shortfall 😦

So here I am, searching through websites such as preloved and rock my dress – undress, to find my dream dress secondhand – even if our budget wasn’t so limited I’m not sure I could justify spending a grand on a dress… oh but I do love it!


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