Luella’s Boudoir Wedding Fair (Part deux)

So there I was in One Marylebone surrounded by lots of amazing wedding vendors, spending time chatting to suppliers and other brides and who do I meet other than the amazing sister team behind Hayford and Rhodes Florists. These were my favourite vendors of the whole event *BIG gold star going their way*, they were friendly, helpful and really nice, showing me billions of examples of their amazing work and just generally being awesome.

My main issue with the florists local to me is that so many of them have a ‘mimimum budget’ that they are willing to work with, not so with Hayford and Rhodes who can create striking arrangments on the budget that you set – my favourite arrangement at the show was this huge ornate piece with manzanita branches hung with test tubes of flowers and sparkly crystals – it was amazing and I nearly hyperventilated when they told me that I could have the same sort of arrangement for roughly £80 – now that might seem like a lot, but if you had seen it you would know that it was worth it – it was so amazing you would only need one to make a serious impact!

I loved the amazing ‘bell’ glass arrangements that they were showing – and I showed a picture to Mr Postscript Bride and he very much agreed that they were amazing – surprising as whenever I show him wedding flowers he tends to nod and say ‘yeah they’re alright’, the mystery was solved as to why he liked them when he said that they ‘reminded him of the disney movie beauty and the beast’ I can see what he means can you?

I was really unimpressed with the Vodka cocktail bar upstairs, (I tried two of the drinks on offer – one tasted awful and the other boring!), I loved the Emmy shoes display although I was dissapointed that there was nobody there to talk you through the styles and prices, couldn’t see what the fuss was about the Little Venice Cake company, loved my strawberry snow-cone from Ideas Box and thought the chocolate brownie in my goodie bag from Rhubarb catering was divine so very mixed receptions about the Vendors although on the whole the selection was good.

The best part of the evening, for sure, was the Catwalk show featuring several dress and accessory designers from the Luella’s Boudoir boutique in Wimbledon, unfortunately I fell completely in love with a dress so far out of my budget hemisphere I nearly choked when the sales lady told me the price (£4700 just incase you were wondering!) Kat from Rock’n’Roll bride was absoloutely amazing – she rocked it down the catwalk and gave it some real attitude in everything she wore – what a amazing experience for her and I can’t wait to read her blog post on the event! My only wish is that I had stayed behind and introduced myself – to be honest I chickened out at the last minute hehe!

This sneak peek was borrowed from the Rocknroll bride facebook page and was taken by Liz Eliza Hankins – if you look far left you can see a bit of little old me in my specs 🙂

I had such a fantastic night and it has just made me want to go to as many wedding events as I can – thinking of booking my tickets for the next national wedding fair now 🙂



Peonies and Lily of the valley

I’ve been looking through the (literally) thousands of pictures on my PC kept for inspiration in my wedding planning when I came across a pattern emerging in the flower pictures. It would appear that I am quite obsessed with peonies and lily of the valley. Wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t so damn expensive and didn’t have such a small season – trust me to pick two of the most expensive flowers around! Lily of the valley is so expensive because (according to my clever florist friend) they have to be wired individually so are very time consuming and fiddly BLAST! And peonies are so expensive because they are only available for a couple of months a year, DOUBLE BLAST!

So although it will be unlikely that i’ll get these gorgeous flowers at my own wedding *sob* I thought i’d share some of the  images with you that made me love them! Enjoy xxx

Gorgeous aren’t they? And yes that is Grace Kelly with a lily of the valley bouquet – although I’m sure budget wasn’t much of a problem for miss kelly! Unfortunately as these images are just randoms ones from my saved files I’m not sure where abouts on the web I found them although i think is the culprit!


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