Baby Shower Inspiration!

So, those of you who read the blog regularly will know that I am in the process of planning my best friend’s baby shower which is very exciting. She is expecting a baby boy and we have taken the inspiration for her baby shower from two adorable outfits that she has bought – one is a blue and white striped onesie decorated with a faded Mickey Mouse figure and the other is a white sleepsuit with a bouncing Tigger on the front. The mummy to be has always loved Tigger and Mickey Mouse so these are the perfect inspiration for her baby shower. Not to mention the pale blue looks fantastic when combined with crisp white and popping orange 🙂

Here is some of the images I am using for inspiration whilst designing her shower…

 I can’t wait to set the date and start buying up the bits and pieces to make it fab!



Prayers and Wishes for Japan

When I saw the devestating Tsunami footage of Japan a few days ago my heart went out to all of those people whose lives have been destroyed. These people have lost their loved ones, their families, their homes and everything they have ever known has been taken from them. It is so sad to watch the news footage of the disaster however it reminds me just how lucky I am to have my wonderful family and friends and a safe roof over my head.

My thoughts and prayers go to all those people in Japan and all those who have relatives there.

Joanne Fleming of Joanne Fleming Designs has offered every person who makes a small donation of just £5 to the Japanese Tsunami appeal the chance to win won of her beautiful designs. Please do check out her blog and donate – £5 couldn’t even get you two coffees in Starbucks so please do donate this small amount for a worthy cause.

Donate here:

Joanne Fleming designs



 Hello and welcome to the world of a postscriptbride!

If you are a bride or groom-t0-be then I would like to offer you a great big CONGRATULATIONS, if not then a simple hello will do i’m sure 🙂

Planning a wedding is a fun, stressful, time-consuming, passionate, exciting, labourious, passion-inducing, passion-killing, nerve-shredding and completely enjoyable experience (on the whole!). The aim of this blog is to inspire you and help you through this emotional rollercoaster and, hopefully, make the more frequently experienced emotions the positive ones!

One of the main focuses of this blog is Budget and DIY wedding inspirationg and projects. The average wedding in the UK is above £22,000 ( a hell of a lot of  money!) I hope to inspire you to use your imagination, creativity (even if you havn’t lifted a glue stick since primary school) and create the perfect wedding for you on your budget!

Good luck, have fun and ‘just keep swimming’


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