Baby Shower Inspiration!

So, those of you who read the blog regularly will know that I am in the process of planning my best friend’s baby shower which is very exciting. She is expecting a baby boy and we have taken the inspiration for her baby shower from two adorable outfits that she has bought – one is a blue and white striped onesie decorated with a faded Mickey Mouse figure and the other is a white sleepsuit with a bouncing Tigger on the front. The mummy to be has always loved Tigger and Mickey Mouse so these are the perfect inspiration for her baby shower. Not to mention the pale blue looks fantastic when combined with crisp white and popping orange 🙂

Here is some of the images I am using for inspiration whilst designing her shower…

 I can’t wait to set the date and start buying up the bits and pieces to make it fab!



30 Days of Lists – part 2

So I continue on with my lists – I did all of my lists last month so I could upload them all here in chunks – much easier than posting one seperately each day 🙂

List Six: A few words you do and don’t like…

Like  – Love… Mummy… Cake… Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious…

Dislike – Diet… Cancer… Squelch (it just sounds nasty)…

List Seven: A Few goals for your blog…

I hope to get more readers… more comments… some more blog lovvage and lots of lovely real weddings!

List Eight: Whats in your bag…

OMG too much stuff… erm let me see… I actually have two bags (when your a mummy you get serious arm workouts daily!) so here goes…

Bag One- Filofax…vaseline aloe vera…12 black pens.. a permanent marker… a notepad… post it notes… an apple… my digital camera… my purse… a copy of Stephen kings ‘needful things’… a mini sewing kit… pritt stick… a pen knife… a packet of paracetamol… a bottle of coco madamoiselle chanel…

Bag Two – a spare t-shirt… a pair of socks… a wedding magasine… a purse (I have two!)… a picture of Lily… my best friend’s scan photo… a copy of ‘A thousand splendid suns’ by Khaled Hosseini… a notepad… two pens… my mobile phone… some letters that I keep forgetting to post… a selection of pictures printed off of the computer for ‘inspiration’… more post it notes and a copy of the a-z of London.

That is a hell of a lot of stuff – I only carry big bags… and that’s without Lily’s changing bag too… oops 🙂


30 days of lists…

List One: A few things about myself…

I am engaged… a very happy (but not so yummy) mummy… a dreamer… a planner.. a blogger… a searcher… a chatterbox… annoying… a [chic] geek… a daughter… a sister… a tree hugger.. a reader… a shopper… and most of all a LOVER – of life and the people in it 🙂

List Two: A few things you’re good at…

Being a mummy (I hope!)… planning weddings… blogging (haha)… moaning about people in supermarkets… spending money on other people… reading…walking fast… talking… making slightly innapropriate jokes… laughing at slightly innapropriate jokes… snorting when I laugh… lounging in my pjs…perving over wedding and lifestyle blogs…

List Three: A few things you are looking forward to….

Getting married… My friend’s baby shower which I am hosting… Summer BBQs… Buying a paddling pool… winning the lottery… Ice skating again this winter… meeting friends for lunch next week… shopping Gok-style…

List Four: A Few things you are listening to (Playlist)

Ellie Goulding… The Beatles… Dolly Parton… Adele… George Micheal… Take That… Lost Prophets… All American Rejects… The ‘Big Cook Little Cook’ themetune… 1950s rock and roll love songs…

List Five: A Few Goals for the Weekend…

Treating myself to some new clothes… spending time with Scott and Lily… having a lovely mothers day… visiting the vintage fair at Bloomsbury bowling lanes… going for a stroll around Spitalfields and Brick Lane with the other half…

Ok so methinks that is enough for one day, I’m getting a bit carried away!


Dear Diary…

Ok so actually finding the time to write a diary or journal can be tiresome so when I came across this idea over on Amy Radcliffe Photography I just couldn’t resist sharing. By the way check out her site – her photos are very sweet :-)… Anyway the idea is that of ’30 days of lists’ which was created to show that everybody can document parts of their lives simply and quickly – making it much easier to keep records of our lives as they are at this moment.

So I figured that I too would start writing my lists, firstly using the prompts on their site, and maybe later on adding a few ‘list titles’ of my own. Maybe when I look back at these entries in a few years i’ll be smiling at how my life has changed, reminiscing about things that I have done, or simply laughing at my taste in ‘celebrity crushes’  – well we shall see!


Planning – Prioritise

There are so many individual aspects that go into creating a wedding. From big vendors and suppliers such as the Venue, Caterers or Photographers to those all-important little details such as table settings and save-the-date cards. Once you have worked out your budget you need to prioritise what you want from your big day. Unless you have a large budget you may find that you need to cut back in some areas in order to have what you want in others and that is where your basic priorities come into play. When Mr.I and I sat down and discussed our individual wedding day wishes we were lucky that our priorities matched, this is what we had, in order of importance (for us):

1. Venue

2. Catering

3. Photography

4. Stationary and the little details

5. The bridal party

Below these fell items such as entertainment, numbers of guests, flowers, and the lowest on our list: alcohol! This list made it easy for us to choose which things we would spend the larger chunks of our (small) budget on. However every couple will have their individual priorities and this is where communication is key – don’t worry if you have to spend hours talking over the fact that one of you thinks the whole bridal party should be in designer outfits or if the other thinks a top DJ is more important – this is your wedding and the planning is just one way to learn that compromise is a key to a successful marriage!

When you look at wedding magasines they tend to dictate to you what aspects of your wedding should be more important – for example they usually have a ‘budget planner’ and it will list all expenses that traditional weddings generate, and of course they then pressurize you into thinking that if you aren’t spending £600 on your cake then something is wrong with your wedding planning – there’s nothing wrong with it do don’t worry – so what if you don’t like cake? Maybe you’d prefer a tower of Krispy Kremes instead? Don’t worry about what is the ‘norm’ when it comes to the priorities for your wedding – choose what makes you and your future spouse happy!


Spotlight on: Choccywoccydoodah!

I absoloutely love Brighton, I love everything about it – from the pier and the rusting turquoise paint of the victorian promenade, the seaside kitsch, the winding lanes filled with junk stores, jewellery and little boutiques to the great big shopping centre and the odeon cinema. But one thing I really, truly adore about Brighton is a little shop called Choccywoccydoodah where they sell the most extravagent and amazing cakes you could possibly imagine – all crafted out of pure belgian chocolate… this isn’t cake, it’s art!

These cakes are just simply stunning – they are quite expensive, although they do more modest creations and can create bespoke creations to your set budget which makes them very flexible – it helps that the staff are all friendly and love to see their customer’s faces light up when they look at the window displays! Admittedly i’ve never tried any of the wedding cakes that they create – but their chocolate truffles and bars are divine!

The design above is my favourite! As a Beatles fan I love the quote (in fact i’m looking into getting it tattooed somewhere) and also love the vibrancy of the design. Mr PS thinks the cakes look a little bit busy – but they are designed to be a showpiece – you certainly wouldn’t forget to cut the cake if you had one of these in the room!


Planning – Budget

Hiya! What a week I have been having – feel like I havn’t stopped to take a breather but it’s been great fun. Mr.PS has had the week off of work so we’ve been having a great time making the most of his limited time off – lots of trips to the park for Lily-Rose (to make the most of her new found walking skill!), lots of cuddly slumbery afternoons and reading side by side whilst Lily naps 🙂 Anyway todays post is all about Getting Started with your wedding planning.

The first step is always BUDGET! Unfortunately this is the biggest, most fundamental building block of your wedding planning. Its just no good to taunt yourself with images of a luxurious gold plated affair when your wages just about cover the rent.

The best way to organise your budget is to sit down and work out your income and outgoings per month – and this doesn’t just mean the bare bones of rent/mortgage and bills this is EVERYTHING – from your monthly gym membership right down to your penchant for bringing home new shoes on payday. For some people, including us, doing this gave us quite a wake-up call as to how we were spending our money and where we needed to make changes. So even if you’re not planning a wedding doing this is a really good idea (although it isn’t very fun!)

When we had done this we worked out that we could realistically save just £100 a month – not a great deal of money, but this amount is without cutting back too drastically on our lifestyle. We didn’t want to sacrifice our regular cinema dates, stop buying clothes or treating our daughter to days out at the Zoo. There is so much more to life than a wedding and if you put too much pressure on yourselves for the sake of the budget you won’t be enjoying the planning process at all!

Some people are lucky enough to have parental contributions to their wedding. If that is the case then you need to sit down now with your parents or future in-laws and work out exactly how much they will be contributing as this will factor in to your final budget. It always helps to keep communication very clear with regards to money to avoid people getting upset or falling out. My dad has set up a direct debit into our account every month – he told us what he could afford to give us each month and told us to ‘do what we want with it’ which is great as unfortunately some people who contribute to a wedding feel that as they are making a monetary contribution they have the right to make decisions regarding your wedding. My dad isn’t interested in that which make accepting his generous gift a happy experience rather than a stressful one.

Spreadsheets like those on Microsoft Excel are always useful to keep a track of your money and budget – but remember they will only work if you are honest with yourself and add each expenditure made – big and small!

Some people decide to take on second jobs so that they can add more money to their wedding budget – this is great if you have the time, but PLEASE please please don’t pressurize yourself – if you’re struggling to find time together as you’re both so busy working hard then you have your priorities wrong. At the end of the day a wedding is about the two of you as a couple and if you aren’t spending any quality time together then you aren’t going to be much of a couple at the end of the planning process!

I am a stay at home mummy and scott works full time with horrible shifts so we didn’t want to put any pressure on our time by me taking on a job – instead i’m doing my bit towards the wedding by cutting back on the spending. For example for the past two years since we got engaged I have spent around £20-25 a month on wedding magasines (i know its crazy!) and so my way of cutting down on spending is to stop buying them! Its not like I even need them when there are so many amazing wedding blogs for free out there! So that is £240-£300 saved a year  that is big bucks!

We have decided to keep the wedding budget realistic – we don’t want to wait a hundred years to get married but neither do we want to get into debt for the sake of one day. So we have set our budget at £4000 which, hopefully we will manage to save by August 2013.

So take a couple of hours out of your busy day to site down and work out a budget with all those involved in your wedding – once you have your budget start doing your research, and most of all, enjoy planning 🙂


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